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Ճիճիլի-պիճիլի Թագուհին

In Jijili-Bijili Takouhin, a little girl named Takouhi (a traditional Armenian name that translates to Queen) is very demanding, and one might say, a little bit hard to please. She throws a big temper tantrums every time she doesn’t get what she wants. Through the story, she learns an important life lesson which I think we can all benefit from. This is a story that my grandma used to tell us when we were very young. We didn’t understand the depth of it, until we grew much older…  Coming up with the ending of the story was a challenge though, as the way she ended her story would not be easily appreciated by today's standard. So, I tried to soften it, and now, it ends with a question mark that opens the door to discussion and different interpretations.         



Since I have deviated from the original ending of the story, I welcome all of the suggestions and interpretations friends, kids, adults can make of how this story could have ended. So, send in your suggestions, add some drawing, and I can post it here!

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